Life Line Tours and Travel Services

Life Line Tours and Travel is an international firm that handles visitors/tourists that are coming from across the globe and beyond the East African region to see our natural resources in Africa. We take them through a tour of our wild life and rich greens natural forests birds and waterfalls, fountains hot springs, hotels and much more.

The Vision

To Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations By Being The Leading Provider Of Safe, Responsive, Value Added Services.

The Motto

Adding Love and Convenience To Your Life

The Mission Statement

To Develop And Deliver Innovative Traveling Solutions To Our Customers,

The Core value

Attracting and Keeping Partners To Enjoy The World of Wonders!

The Mission Approach

Acquire all such assets as pertaining to the tours and travel equipment and facilities with strong 4 wheel ve heavy duty machineries. Organize a team of operator guides that will take and lead tourists around tour s and to make sure that each guide and operation te is well trained and highly skilled. Open up a website and run internet marketing to have many travelers log on to our site and make arrangements such as holidays, honey moons and tours. Evaluate the project to ensure that it has broken even